What’s Involved With Medical Insurance Billing and Coding?

If you are healthy, you can probably attribute part of that to excellent health care. This indicates that whether you wish to or not you have most likely been involved in some way with medical insurance billing. When you give your physician or dentist your insurance information, you have started the ball rolling that’s happening in health care offices all across the United States many times each day.

Ordinarily a person would think that medical insurance bills are a pretty simple thing to handle. All you have to do is stick a bill in an envelope and stick it in the mail. Actually, there is more to it than meets the eye. In medical insurance billing and coding, the very first thing your doctor’s staff will do is to make a copy of your insurance card, so be sure to have it handy. They will then need to interpret your insurance benefits. There are similarities but also marked differences between Medicaid, Medicare, PPO’s, IPA’s and HMO’s. This task can seem monumental and with the constantly changing insurance regulations, co-pays, deductibles and rates it can be downright confusing!

After the insurance benefits have all been calculated, then the insurance will have to be billed in a rather precise way. In medical insurance billing and coding, the coding part helps your doctor communicate directly with your insurance company. Each procedure that you have done has a certain billing code and this will determine exactly what your insurance will pay and the amount you are going to have to end up paying. As everyone knows, the prices of health care have skyrocketed, and if the billing is not done correctly you will have to spend a lot of time on the telephone trying to get matters taken care of! You need to always take a look at your bills that you receive from any health care facility whether it be from a doctor or a hospital to ensure that you have been appropriately charged and that your insurance has paid the proper amount.

Are you possibly thinking about a career in medical insurance billing and coding? How do you know if it is right for you? This is the perfect profession for those people who desire to help contribute to a patient’s health care from behind-the-scenes. People who specialize in medical insurance billing and coding enjoy not only working directly with health care professionals but they also love computer technology. If the following qualities describe you, then perhaps you have a place in the field of medical insurance billing and coding:

• You are interested in the medical profession.

• You are looking for a schedule that is flexible.

• You have excellent organizational skills.

• You pay attention to detail.

• You like being part of a team.

• You are good at solving problems.

• You thrive on continuous learning.

What is the job outlook for the specialists who choose the field of medical insurance billing and coding? This profession plays a critical role in the health care field by maintaining accurate records and making sure that the patient’s health care information is protected. Because health care organizations have to maintain high standards, the need for specialists in the field of medical insurance billing and coding is plentiful. In fact, this area is expected to grow at a much faster rate than average for all of the occupations through the year 2012.